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Welcome to the Judges Panel; ACE Goodman's official podcast hosted by Eisa Salman and Meera Lee Nordquist! The main goal of each episode is to have a sit down conversation with some remarkable individuals and discuss the one topic everyone always circles around: success. We don't just want to have interviews, we want to get into the minds of people who are high achievers and understand what makes them different in order to teach the younger generation how to make it in the world.



Manpreet Sandhu is the current Goodman DECA President and is a student in the International Double Degree Program at Goodman! Joined with Melissa Rosario, the current Goodman DECA Executive Vice President, and a Bachelor of Accounting Student. Throughout the episode, we discussed their journey and current struggles with confidence, and how they are overcoming them. Melissa and Manpreet also give insight on how to deal with self-doubt as undergraduate students.

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