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How to Master the Art of Being Confident

What is confidence and why you want it? Let's get started!

For some of us, appearing confident is a challenge. Walking into a crowded room, meeting new people, or having to lead others are much more difficult when you listen to the little voice in your head that likes to put you down.

To make matters worse, low self-confidence could prevent you from progressing toward your goals, be they personal or career-related. Without a little confidence, you’re a lot less likely to go for that promotion or introduce yourself to potential new clients or friends. In this article, we’ll discuss what confidence looks like, why it’s important, and how to increase yours.

1. Look the Part

What a person looks like doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about their abilities or how responsible they are. Start with basic grooming and hygiene, which you may already practice. People without good grooming and hygiene practices are usually seen being less invested in themselves, and probably less invested in their work or relationships as well.

There is always the risk of taking this concept too far and tying your self-worth a little too tightly to how others perceive you.

2. Mimic Confident Behaviour

Your body language says a lot about you, and if you’re trying to be more confident, training yourself to behave in a self-assured way could help others see you as a confident person. Something as small as how you stand could have a huge impact on how you’re perceived.

People who are ‘curled in’ on themselves, have their eyes glued to their phones, or keep to the edges of the room will have trouble getting the attention of others.

3. Fake It ‘Till You Make It

The essence of becoming more confident is to fake it until you make it. This means pretending to be confident by maintaining your personal appearance and practicing confident behaviours until you actually build up your self-confidence.If you make mistakes along the way, try not to feel discouraged. Taking mistakes in your stride is a part of being confident. Even if you feel your illusion of confidence has been shattered, keep faking it, move past your mistakes, and learn from them instead of dwelling on them.


Confidence may feel out of reach for you a lot of the time, but it’s really not far off at all. Everyone has the ability to be confident – it’s tapping into our innate confidence that’s sometimes difficult. In a nutshell, there’s nothing wrong with faking confidence until you’re able to access the real thing.

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