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What is ACE?

Prepares Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs 

ACE is a national business case competition aimed to develop skills for the next generation of business professionals. Each university has their own “chapter,” which consists of the student body that will take part in the event. These students are carefully picked and assigned one of 6 categories (hospitality, marketing, law, finance, accounting, business management, or speciality cases). After weeks of consistent training and preparation, students are set to compete against other chapters on the local, national, and international level. Along with the excitement from case competitions, ACE also hosts several networking events throughout the competition, where students may connect with inspiring individuals from other chapters and industry professionals for advice to kickstart their professional career.


ACE Goodman

ACE Goodman has been a force to be reckoned with for the past 5 years, winning 24 medals across all categories at last year’s national competition! This is largely thanks to our delegates, who are carefully selected and then trained by our more senior students, who have vast amounts of knowledge that they pass on. Due to the care and value, ACE Goodman has to offer, it is the largest club at the Goodman School of Business. Besides competing in case competitions, ACE Goodman also provides many resources to educate the next generation on business through workshops, networking events, and even our own podcast: Uncut Gems!

ACE Goodman’s goal is simple: develop the next generation of business leaders by giving them the tools and knowledge to succeed in the business world. We do this by taking a more practical approach to business that puts our delegates in the shoes of an industry professional and ask them to solve an issue they might realistically face; allowing them to develop skills that will serve them well past their degree!

Meet The Team

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